Ron Hynes At The Carleton

Quick! Look in the dictionary under the word, ‘entertainer’ and we bet that there’s a photo of Ron Hynes there! Seriously, go look…

We got a chance to catch Ron’s show at The Carleton in downtown Halifax last night and it was awesome! He is certainly more than the man of a thousand songs, he’s a storyteller, a humorist, he’s an entertainer. Truly a master.

We have been fans of Ron since we first saw him perform Sonny’s Dream on CODCO with The Wonderful Grand Band back in the late 70’s but, surprisingly, tonight was the first time that we seen him live… we know, terrible but, let us tell you that it was well worth the wait!

It was a full evening of favourites (we don’t believe there are any that aren’t!) including Dry, Godspeed, Man Of A Thousand Songs and Sonny’s Dream.

Speaking of Sonny’s Dream, here’s Ron singing it with the Wonderful Grand Band at the Chalet Lounge TCH in St.John’s, Newfoundland in 1980:

Here’s Ron singing “Dry” at the 2007 East Coast Music Awards, at which he won the Male Artist of the Year:

Thanks, Ron, for a truly great evening, and for many years of awesome music! You’re always in our heart.

Thanks to the The Carleton Bar & Grill for giving us the opportunity to share this evening with Ron.

For more info on Ron Hynes please click here to visit his website.

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