Shop Time With Our Nephew

Our nephew and his girlfriend came over for some shop time. After recently taking up residence together they realized that they were in need of a salad bowl and a cutting board so these became the projects for the day. Quite ambitious, we thought, but when they went home they left with a salad bowl and a cutting board. 😉

Both of them did really, really well. They took turns at each of the tasks throughout the day, giving them not only the chance to share in the making of their projects but to gain a bit of insight and experience in working with wood. They took instruction well, exhibited confidence and completed the challenge that they had set for themselves. Kudos, kudos, kudos to them!

Here’s some photos of the day:

Turning On The Lathe
Spalted Birch Bowl
Wooden Bowl
Wooden Cutting Board

A successful day like today is a happy reminder why we enjoy opening our shop up to others, especially the younger ones. We believe that it’s important for them to get a chance to work with wood. It’s unfortunate that they don’t get exposed to this in school anymore…

Back to the shop…

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