Weed Pots For Spring

Here’s a variety of weed pots, 18 of them actually, that we turned back in May for the Spring market. They were made from branches of a Cherry tree that we helped a friend harvest the previous Fall.

They vary in size but all are approximately 3 inches in diameter and 6 inches tall without the flowers. The unbarked areas are finished with beeswax.

We made the bouquets from flowers and plants that we collected from around our yard and dried over the winter, creating beautiful display items.

Here are a few more photos:

dried flowers
wooden vases
flower arrangements
turned vase
flower vase

Here’s a photo of the weed pots without the dried flowers:

spring flowers

They were very popular again this year, perhaps it’s their rustic charm, and we believe that they have become a regular item to celebrate the Spring season. Here are some of the ones we did last year which were made out of Buckthorn.

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One reply on “Weed Pots For Spring

  • Scott Walton

    I like to turn these myself and do it a little
    Different… I turn three from the we branch and the
    Cut the bottoms of two of them on my mitre saw so the will
    Lean opposite and automatically make a grouping of three
    Weed pots!


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