Woodworking Tips & Tidbits – 01/06/08

Here are a few woodworking tips that we picked up (and/or wrote down) over the past week. They come from a variety of sources including magazines, newsletters, online and personal experience.

1. Stretch a rubber band to the clamps of an F-style bar clamp for one hand use. Pull the clamp open and hold the sliding jaw with your thumb. Then when you are ready to clamp lift your thumb a bit and the jaws will close. Then it’s just a matter of screwing the clamp tight.

2. To hold a block of wood in place between your workpiece and pipe clamps drill a shallow hole in the wood and glue in a magnet. This will hold the wood to the metal pipe clamp.

3. To determine the length of a bandsaw blade when you don’t have a blade to go by, or you’ve added riser blocks, use the formula:

Blade length = = (2xA) + (3.14xB)
A= distance in inches between bandsaw wheel centers when the upper wheel is midway in its adjustment range
B= bandsaw wheel diameter

Or you can always just wrap a string around the wheels, draw it tight, mark it and then measure it.

4. Use adhesive backed foam sheeting to cover the large blade height slot on the front of your table saw to increase dust collection suction. Add this from the inside of your saw and then cut a slot for the height guide shaft.

There are more Woodworking Tips and Tidbits located here.

Back to the shop…

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