Our Geocaching Resolutions

It’s that time again, time to create a list of all the things we want to accomplish is in the new year. This year we are adding to this list with things we want to do with Geocaching.

We had a great year this past year by first being introduced to Geocaching and then by getting involved as much as we did. The getting involved part was easy because we really enjoy it.

This coming year we hope to do even more which is why we are going out on a limb and actually making resolutions, though we expect them to be easy to achieve (the best kind of resolutions!).

So here is our list of New Year’s Geocaching Resolutions:

Introduce More Friends And Family To Geocaching
We hope to introduce more of our friends and family to Geocaching in the new year. We have had such a great time this year going Geocaching that it’s only fair to others that we let them know what great fun it is.

More Competent With A Compass
We took a compass course in the spring of this year and got our GPSr shortly after. Once we got the GPSr there was no looking back! However, we are still fascinated by this little tool and we want to become efficient and comfortable with it. We will revisit this in the new year.

120 Cache Finds
We want to do at least 120 new cache finds in the coming year. We hope to do a lot more but setting a goal of an average of 10 a month seems to be well within our capabilities. The one thing we forgot about this year was how much the winter weather hampered our caching outings.

Attend More Geocaching Functions
We want to attend a lot more functions in 2008. We’re looking forward to our first CITO event, GeoWoodstock VI as well as all the local events that we missed this year.

Set Up A Cache
We want to create at least one cache in the coming year. We have quite a few ideas for different caches and few cool places that we have noted on our travels this past year.

Create An EarthCache
We enjoyed the EarthCache finds that we did this year so much that we want to create one ourselves. This is also a requisite for our next level of the EarthCache Masters program.

Get More Involved With Our Local Club
Although we wrote earlier on the benefits of joining a Geocaching club we have been shirking (and lurking) at best! We vow to get more involved in the coming year, to give back a little bit.

Blog More
And, of course, we want to blog about Geocaching more than we have been doing. We have all kinds of article ideas that we want to write about. We think that these eight items on our list should keep us busy for the next twelve months.

What is on your New Year’s Geocaching Resolutions list? Happy New Year’s and keep on cachin’!

This post was originally posted on our now defunct website, Geocaching Online.

2 replies on “Our Geocaching Resolutions

  • tonka_boy

    We set a goal of 200 this year. (We’ve been geocaching since June.) We’re up to 197 with two days to go… And we both have miserable colds. We’ll try to get out tomorrow and get those last three.

    The snow cover doesn’t help at all. We’ve had 20 inches already this season. Even so-called “winter friendly” caches are hard to get. We’ll let you know.

  • admin

    You’ll do it! You guys are quite active (in both caching and blogging) and we don’t see you being held back because of a ‘little’ cold or the snow. 🙂

    btw – Your blog is one of our favorite reads. It inspires us!

    All the best in the New Year and congrats on the 200 (in advance :))


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