10 Reasons To Join A Club

Do you want to bring your Geocaching to another level? Do you want to share your love of Geocaching with others? Join a Geocaching club!

When we first got involved with Geocaching we were not aware of any local Geocaching association or club. Although we were still a part of the world-wide community and enjoying Geocaching immensely we missed the interaction with others that hold a similar interest. Since discovering a Geocaching club we have found that our interest in Geocaching has greatly increased and we are enjoying it a whole lot more! Not only have we met a lot of other Geocachers but we have also added another element to Geocaching by attending and participating in local events.

Associations and clubs bring people together from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Collectively, club members can achieve great things from organizing events and social gatherings to lobbying for local policy changes, as well as have a whole lot more fun! This is a perfect example of where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Here is our Top 10 Reasons To Join A Geocaching Club (in no particular order):

1. Meet Other Geocachers
Joining a Geocaching club is a great opportunity to meet others with a similar interest. As a club member you will meet a lot of other people that enjoy Geocaching. These new friendships can lead to life-long friendships. New to an area? This is a great place to start making new friends that enjoy Geocaching as much as you!

2. Keep Abreast Of Changes
As an active member of a Geocaching club you can keep abreast of changing Geocaching policies, rules and regulations affecting your area. This is easily done through member interaction, local club forums and newsletters.

3. Friendly Competition
If you are the competitive type you can compete for first-to-finds, total finds, caches created, etc with your club members. All in the name of fun, of course!

4. Learn More About Geocaching
If you are new to Geocaching, thinking about starting, or even an old hand at it, as a club member you will have access to experienced Geocachers that are more than willing to help you with any questions that you may have.

5. Organized Caching Events
Local clubs frequently organize get-togethers for their club members, from simple coffee chats to mega-events. Attending these are great fun and educational!

6. Volunteer Opportunities
A Geocaching club offers a number of volunteer opportunities, from organizing events to the daily running of the local organization. This can be a very rewarding venture!

7. To Help Promote Geocaching
There’s power in numbers and as a member of your local club you add to the power! The more members involved in an organized effort can get the word out better.

8. Credibility As A Group
As a club member you add to the collective voice of your club’s membership. Organized and recognized Geocaching clubs offer credibility. This can help with everything from offering support to local trail associations to promoting Geocaching.

9. It’s Free!
Joining a Geocaching club is free (or a very nominal cost). Where else can you get so much value?

10. It’s Fun!
Just like being a participant in the world-wide Geocaching community, being an active member of a local club just adds to the fun.

Although we have only listed ten reasons here we’re sure that once you become a member of a local club you’ll be able to write your own top 10 or even a top list of a 100 reasons!

If you do not already belong to one become a member of your local Geocaching club today!

Check for a Geocaching association or club in your area today!

Keep on cachin’!

This post was originally posted on our now defunct website, Geocaching Online

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