You Know You’re Addicted

We woke up this morning with a feeling of grave agitation and high anxiety. Our hands were shaking, our eyes were watery and we had a driving desire to go outside. After a few minutes of searching our symptoms on the Internet we quickly found that we were suffering from “Obsessive Compulsive Cache Craving Syndrome” or OCCCS. There is no question, we are addicted to Geocaching!

You know that you are addicted to Geocaching when:

… a colleague brings out their Tupperware lunch box and you automatically reach for your pen to sign the log book.

… you can’t walk down a path without thinking, “Hmmm, that’ll be a good place for a cache!”.

… you type in your home co-ords and not the phone number.

… your idea of decorating the Christmas tree is to conceal all the presents at its foot, beneath a camo covering of tinsel.

… your idea of gift-giving is to hide the gifts in the garden with co-ords and a clue.

… you are watching TV and think “That’s a beautiful place, I wonder where the nearest cache is?'”

… you purposely take the kids to McDonalds to buy them a happy meal so you can pinch the toy to use as a swap.

… you leave your PC and First To Find running overnight, with the volume cranked right up – just in case…

… you give directions by which caches are passed, instead of which pubs are passed.

… you start having nightmares about muggled caches.

… you sort through your pockets at the checkout at the supermarket and can only offer Geocoins.

… the Easter Egg hunt you organise for your nephews involves the use of GPs units and is in the form of a Multi.

… you automatically look around to ensure that you are not being observed before opening your lunch box at work.

… you routinely gauge everyday object for their suitability as cache containers.

… you spend more money on trinkets and swaps than you do on fruit and veggies.

… your party invitations include GPS coordinates.

… you always look up caches before you go anywhere.

… you waypoint your car at the shopping mall.

… you panic because you forgot to waypoint your car at the shopping mall.

… you consider moving because you’ve already found all the caches in your area.

If you suffer from one or more of the symptoms above then it is likely that you too suffer from this affliction.

Do not despair! We have found that there is an easy cure – more Geocaching! That’s right! Apparently, it has been found that more Geocaching will cure this addiction. Well, it doesn’t actually cure it but it sure does take your mind off worrying about being addicted!

You can view more ‘symptoms’ here, here and here

Keep on cachin’!

This post was originally posted on our now defunct website, Geocaching Online

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