A Well Needed Bandsaw Upgrade

I finally had enough and took the time yesterday to do a much needed bandsaw upgrade. Every time that I changed a blade I would curse (just a little!) when I had to release and re-tension the blade. For some unknown reason older (and perhaps newer) bandsaws have this short rod on the tension wheel that is a real pain (literally) to turn. It’s a knucklebuster!

This was a rather quick fix, just one that kept being put off because I only remembered it when it was time to change the blade (I know, I know…). Anyway, last time I was smart enough to make a note on my shopping list and picked up the pieces.

All that was needed was a threaded rod, in my case 3/8″, a couple of nuts and washers and a knob. My total cost was under $3.00 and I have almost 2 feet of threaded rod left over for something else.

Here is what the old tension rod looked like:

A Well Needed Bandsaw Upgrade

As you can see that although there was an attempt to give more room to fit your hand with the indent in the cowling you still can’t get a good, clear turn. Plus the knob, with it’s four protrusions, would dig in your palm as you tried to get a strong grip on it.

Here is the new and improved tensioner:

A Well Needed Bandsaw Upgrade

Not only is the knob easier to grip but by having it above the cowling you can easily make full, unobstructed turns.

Here is a comparison of both of the tensioners:

A Well Needed Bandsaw Upgrade

The added benefit of this change is that it is a lot easier, and more likely, to slack off on the tension when the saw is not in use… then again, I could just make the tension release jig that I have plans for… mmmm… perhaps during the next blade change… 🙂

Back to the shop…

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