Lotta Lumber Score

A lotta lumber score! We were able to pick up approximately 275 board feet of local Maple recently at a price that was too hard to resist.

There are 20 pieces of 2-by in widths of 10 to 12 inches. Perfect for a slew of woodworking projects we have coming on the horizon.

The wood had been stored in a barn for the past six or seven years making it dry enough for immediate use. One of the first projects that we have already did with this wood were the Pizza Peels that we did last week.

Here’s a couple of more photos of this windfall:

nova scotia maple

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2 replies on “Lotta Lumber Score

  • John Stroebel

    Oh this sounds wonderful! I live in SE Wyoming, close to the edge of the Western Slope. On this side, we have a very limited selection of woods, cottonwood and aspen for hardwoods, fir, spruce and pine the softwoods. BUT…on the Eastern Slope in Colorado there are many different species, and here is a tale to tell…..there are groves of black walnut, introduced by earlier settlers and declared an ‘invasive species. They have been hit hard by some blight or infestation and many are standing dead and FREE for the taking on public lands! (with the proper permit of course) Because of this, there is beginning to be much bl;ack walnut boards for sale from the people who use chainsaw mills or large bandsaws. I am planing to go a hunting this fall if I get the chance! I know of one man who laid the floors on his 3 residential structures entirely with black walnut. Hey, does anyone else know the species of trees available in their ares?

  • Ravenview

    John, we just returned from our son’s place in British Columbia and the same there – Cottonwood seems to be the dominant species. However, there are some nice sized Birch scattered throughout. As for the Walnut – free for the taking? Oh my, oh my… 😉

    We have a nice variety here of Maple, Ash, Birch


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