And Speaking Of Walking Sticks…

While writing the previous article on the English Gentleman’s Walking Stick we were reminded of a few hiking sticks that we made over the past couple of years.

We made a couple of them by turning decorative knob handles that sit atop perfectly straight shafts of exotic woods of unknown origin (honestly, they’re just commercially made push broom handles 🙂 ) and a couple of them were made from young Birch trees that we cut, peeled and carved.

Each one is about 56″ (142cm) long and from 1 1/8″ – 1 1/4″ (2.5cm – 3cm) in diameter. They are all finished with just a couple of coatings of tung oil. One of the carved ones had a bit of stain brushed on to darken the carving.

Here are some more photos showing a closer look of the top of the hiking sticks:

This one has a turned Mahogany knob handle:

And Speaking Of Walking Sticks

This one has a Cherry knob handle. We call it the Salt Shaker 🙂 :

And Speaking Of Walking Sticks

Here’s a carved one that features a ball at the top and crisscrossed handle section:

And Speaking Of Walking Sticks

And this one is the thinnest, and lightest, of them all that features staining and carving not only on the top but also on the bottom:

And Speaking Of Walking Sticks

And here’s a full length shot of all them:

And Speaking Of Walking Sticks

In addition to being functional they are also fun to make, especially the carved ones. Sitting out on the patio with a stick and a knife is a great way to spend an summer afternoon.

As avid hikers we are often on the trails so hiking sticks are often in use. Though D now opts for the TrekPod for all of it’s photography capabilities I still take along a traditional wooden one. This way, whenever I forget to take one along it’s just a matter of grabbing a fallen branch or stick. You know, they seem to work quite well too. 🙂

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