Bigga Buncha Bowls

Wow! What a week! In addition to harvesting the garden, some replanting, shelling beans, saving seeds, finishing a totem, a gallery opening and a score of other things we got a bigga buncha bowls turned!

These wooden bowls range in size from 18cm (7″) to 38cm (15″) and in several types of wood like Maple, Cherry, Oak and Walnut! From here they’ll go through the finishing process, some will be branded and stained, some will have stained accents added and some will be textured. Then we’ll hand rub each one of them with Treebalm, our beeswax based finish.

We’ll do this over the next few weeks but right now it’s time for a cup of tea, time to kick off the weekend! 🙂

Bigga Buncha Bowls

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