An early morning dawned crisp and clear as we stepped out of our home. It was a great day to snag those elusive local caches that we had avoided for so long. It is not that they are hard, at least we never expect them to be, it’s that we often leave the ones closer to home for a day like today, a day to saunter, a day to ‘smell the roses’. As we walked towards the park trail a startled deer took off across our path without a backward glance. A good sign for what the day would bring.

We turned on our GPSr and because of the clear sky it quickly locked on to the orbiting satellites. Once again we were connected.

As we walked we talked of how Geocaching had changed our lives. In the short time that we have been involved we have been to places we didn’t know existed, seen breath taking views, now share a new camaraderie with nature and have met countless of new friends.

We get the feeling that when we lock on to a satellite the signal is reversed and we are being connected to a much bigger world, and the GPSr pinpoints us, announcing us to the world – we are connected. We share this connection, this love of outdoors, of good health, of adventure and zeal with over a million other people world-wide. There’s something about being a part of this that encompasses and permeates our very being.

From our love of travelling to our love of nature, from our interest in mapping and technology to our interest in health and well being Geocaching has made connections to it all. Who’d have thought that something that started so innocently as a simple hobby has now turned into a lifestyle?

We found three caches today… two of the traditional Geocache kind and the third, well, we found much more – a connection.

Keep on cachin!

This post was originally posted on our now defunct website, Geocaching Online

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