Dave Gunning At Point Rock

Wow! We spent an incredible evening last night with Dave Gunning at Point Rock House Concerts!

Dave is an awesome musician and storyteller so hearing him in a house concert venue that allowed him to expand on his stories through his intros created a one of a kind evening. Dave is a “young man with an old heart”. His songs and stories have a unique way of poignantly bringing subtle attention to social issues and emotions of the heart, giving a modern perspective to traditional themes.

He began with several songs from his recent release, Lift, and then interspersed other cuts off this release with songs from his last two releases. Some songs included “They Don’t Do That No More”, “A Tractor”, “A Halo That Fits”, “I Robbed the Co. Store” and “Coal from the Train”. He also did “These Hands”, which he cowrote with George Canyon and was awarded the 2013 Song of the Year at the East Coast Music Awards. And of course he played the rousing A Game Goin’ On, which won CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada Song Quest in 2014. As you can imagine, this one had the crowd singing along. And speaking of singing along, several times throughout the evening he asked the audience to join in and there was no hesitation!

Although we have several of his CD’s this is the first time that we seen him live and all we can say was that it was definitely worth the wait!

Here are some photos we took at the concert:

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And here are a couple of videos of Dave performing. The first one is called “These Hands”:
This one, called Made On A Monday, is being performed in 2010 at Casino Nova Scotia in Halifax:
And here’s the popular “A Game Goin’ On” being performed on the Friday night of the 2013 Kempt Shore Acoustic Maritime Music Festival:
Thanks Dave, thanks Mary, another great one! We’re still applauding!
You can find out more about Dave Gunning on his website, follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also watch more of his videos on his YouTube channel and listen to his music on Soundcloud.

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