Geocaching Maritime Mega Event 2010

Well, it’s official! Nova Scotia, Canada will be hosting a Geocaching Maritime Mega Event on July 10th, 2010 in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Geocaching and the 10th Anniversary of Canada’s First Geocache!

The ‘Maritime Mega Event’ (GC1P585) will be a one day event and held at the Municipal Activity and Recreation Complex , just outside of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. The
MARC offers a 100 Acres of open space, which includes fields, woods, ponds, brooks and trails. It is only minutes from Canada’s First Geocache and hundreds of other Geocaching opportunites.

This event promises to be a great time! There will be Geocaching related educational opportunities, great food, swag vendors, entertainment and lots of socializing. (a Maritime tradition!). It’s going to be one big Cachin’ Ceilidh! 🙂

For our far away friends, accommodations will include onsite tenting. There are also many hotels and campsites nearby and Halifax, Nova Scotia’s capital city, is only 100kms (60 miles) away. You can find out more here at Nova Scotia Tourism.

An independent committee, with the support of the Atlantic Geocaching Association (ACGA), has been created to organize this event.

Sun, surf and Geocaching! Come and experience the flavour of the Maritimes in 2010. Start planning your next year’s vacation with us!

Click here to visit the Maritime Mega 2010 event website

Keep on cachin’!

This post was originally posted on our now defunct website, Geocaching Online

10 replies on “Geocaching Maritime Mega Event 2010“

  • P.J.

    OK, if I’m still on the East Coast when this happens, I am going to start planning to see about making a trip up to here for this event. I can make it my vacation time and do some serious photography. Of course, who knows where I’ll be next year, but once this is published, I’ll probably put it on my watch list. 🙂

  • go_man

    d-fly, no thanks nescessary 🙂

    PJ, We’ll put you down as a ‘yes’. 🙂 As for photography, there’s no place like it! 😉 We’re looking forward to meeting you.

  • Zonker&co

    Put me down as a “yes”. I’ll be there, along with my three caching sons.
    I am in Moncton, N.B. If you want this event promoted up this way at any of our smaller events, let me know what I can do.

  • go_man

    Zonker, looking forward to meeting you and the ‘caching sons’! 🙂 Yep, I’m sure there will lots to do, thanks for your offer of help!

  • dblohsix

    I’ll be coming in from Ottawa so I’m putting this in my calendar now. Good time to start the summer vacation for next year.
    Looking forward to a great time.

  • Pooh Bear & Christopher Robin

    Very excited at the idea of making this event. Would love to be more involved. We are coming from Newfoundland! What can we do to help more, promote more.

    Can you forward more info on camp grounds costs / cabins. Are pets allowed? Is there a list of the caches that you refer to?

    Talk to us soon!
    Pooh Bear & Christopher Robin

  • go_man

    At this time it’s best that you watch the Event Website for more information regarding lodgings, caches, local attractions, etc. as it unfolds. As more info becomes available it will be posted there. 🙂


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