Lunchtime Geocaching By A Lake

There’s this great Lebanese restaurant that we frequent located in a nearby business park called Kababji. All their food is great but their Chicken Swarma Pita is ‘outa dis world’! We dropped by on Friday and shared one (yes, they’re that big!) and afterwards we did a bit of lunchtime Geocaching around nearby Frenchman Lake to walk it off.

We picked up three more caches while we were there. They included this one that was between the cracks in a large rock:

Lunchtime Geocaching By A Lake

This one that was wedged in a tree:

Lunchtime Geocaching By A Lake

And this one that was lodged under another large rock:

Lunchtime Geocaching By A Lake

These were pretty quick finds that topped off a great lunch and a nice little walk.

We also almost answered that age old question, “Do bears poop in the woods?”. It’s quite apparent that deer do :):

Lunchtime Geocaching By A Lake

It’s certainly nice to see the deer back, it’s like seeing your first robin of the season, just lets you know that spring is truly here. We had five deer in our yard yesterday, 2 in the morning and 3 at dusk. They look quite scraggly now but with food becoming more abundant (like our tulips!) they should look better soon.

Keep on cachin’!

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5 replies on “Lunchtime Geocaching By A Lake

  • tonka_boy

    Ahhh, spring. Although it snowed a bit this morning, it didn’t stick, and ended up in the 40s. We saw our first wood ducks by the lake today. The Canada Geese have been back for a week now. I had to drive some 70 miles south for work today and their lakes are open already. A large group of pelicans were on the water, along with some Great Blue Herons. We made it through winter!

    Great photos!

  • P.J.

    Seems like spring is starting to turn here, as well. Thankfully. I’m ready for warmer days. A couple of us spent this past Saturday caching and got to hit a bunch. Well worth the day.


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