GeoWoodstock VI On The Horizon!

We finally finalized our flight (dis sum great alliteration, huh? :)) and hotel plans this morning for GeoWoodstock VI and the countdown is now on!

We’ll be arriving in Sacramento mid-afternoon on the 22nd and leaving early on the 27th. This gives us 4 days to enjoy the geo-gathering and the surrounding areas. In addition to Sacramento we’re hoping to get to Yuba City too.

We’ll be staying at the Heritage Inn Express in Roseville which is about halfway between Sacramento and Wheatland where the event is to be held. We got the room for $54. a night with our CAA card. As long as it’s clean it will be a good deal. There are a few other cachers staying there and at this price it won’t take long to fill up.

We bought out tickets to the event back in October (one of the first 250!) and have been planning for it since then. There were a few times that it looked like we wouldn’t be able to make it.

A quick search on GC shows that there’s no shortages of caches in the area so it looks like we’ll have a hectic, and no doubt, a rewarding four days. 🙂

We have been to California twice in the past two years, once to LA and to San Francisco last summer so we’re really looking forward to going back, especially since we will get out of the major centers on this trip.

We’re combining this trip with a visit to our son in British Columbia. When we leave Sacramento we’re flying into Vancouver and then taking a 3-4 day driving tour to visit him in the interior. A straight drive to his place would only take 7 hours but we’re going to do a little sight-seeing… and a lot of caching!

Any one else planning on going to GeoWoodstock VI? Let’s meet up!

Keep on cachin’!

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