Secret Spaces, Hidden Worlds

It was an awesome opening tonight of ‘Secret Spaces, Hidden Worlds’ by Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council member, Elizabeth Goluch!

Elizabeth is a master metalsmith and sculptor, who’s fascination with bugs, beetles, spiders and snails has taken her on a journey deep into their world. She shares this hidden world with her larger-than-life anatomically detailed works that incorporate precious metals, jeweled elements and symbolic embellishments revealing secrets that disclose a captivating story of insect life, lore and environment.

Here are a couple of photos showing Elizabeth explaining the secrets inside the hidden compartment of her piece, ‘Snail’:

Elizabeth Goluch
Secret Spaces, Hidden Worlds
Beautiful examples of her fine metal art are on display at Secret Spaces, Hidden Worlds at the Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design‘s Mary E. Black Gallery in Halifax until early January, check it out!

You can also check out her work on her website located here:

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