Southwest Bowl With Laced Rim

Here’s a Southwest bowl that we turned for Christmas. It is made out of Maple and it is 12 1/4 inches wide and 4 inches high and features ‘sinew’ lacing around the rim as well as a bit of turquoise inlay.

The rim was first stained a Cherry red and then over 15 yards of ‘sinew’ lacing was laced in a criss-cross pattern around it.

There was a small area on the bottom where a branch had been so I cleaned it out and inlayed some crushed turquoise in it.

Both of these features really accent the Maple, adding a bit of Southwest flair.

Here’s some more photos:

Southwest Bowl With Laced Rim
Southwest Bowl With Laced Rim
Southwest Bowl With Laced Rim

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2 replies on “Southwest Bowl With Laced Rim

  • Phil carter

    That is one of the most exquisite bowls I have ever seen. It should go in the show/exhibit I’m curious as to how you drilled the holes. Free hand, drill press, or…?

  • Woodworker's Guide

    Thanks for the comment, Phil. The holes were all drilled with a Dremel fitted with a small bit. If you’re doing this remember to drill before you are finished turning the rim. This way when you finish turning the rim you can clean up the inevitable tear out where the drill bit exits.


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