Woodworking Tips And Tidbits – 03/02/08

1. If your hammer is continually slipping off the nails as you strike, use sand paper to roughen the face.

2. Don’t try to cut a log on a bandsaw without a jig. Because it is round the log will be drawn down to the table jamming the blade, possibly breaking it.

3. When making picture frames always make at least one extra piece. Somewhere along the line, whether cutting, routing or dadoing, you’ll be sure to lose a piece and have to create another. This will involve setting your equipment back up with the exact same measurements as the other pieces, reinstalling blades and bits, etc.

4. A clean shop is a happy shop. Sweep often. It’s a simple thought but I find that a regular sweep of the shop floor and equipment always gives me the feeling of starting anew, ready for the next project. If done at the end of the day it also gives a sense of completeness.

These are a few woodworking tips and tidbits that we picked up (and/or wrote down) over the past week. They come from a variety of sources including magazines, newsletters, online and personal experience.

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Back to the shop…

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