Woodworking Tips And Tidbits – 05/04/08

1. To keep small brass screws from breaking when screwing them into wood first drill a pilot hole and then screw in the same size steel screw. The steel screw will form threads that will allow the softer, brass screw enter easily without breaking. If you don’t have a small enough drill bit for the pilot hole use a small nail or brad.

2. Old bicycle tire inner tubes make great clamps for odd shaped items. Simply slice the tube at the valve stem to make it one long length. Removed the valve stem. Then cut the tube into two strips. Wrap the tube around your project pulling it tight. Hold in place with clamps or by tying it.

3. If you find that the live center of your lathe penetrates too far into the end grain of your wood, especially when turning very small items, insert a small flat washer over the end of the live center. This will limit the penetration, while still centering and applying ample pressure on the end of your wood.

4. When sawing plywood use a blade made specifically for cutting plywood to get the best results. When sawing on a table saw position the best side up. When sawing with a circular saw position the best side down.

These are a few woodworking tips and tidbits that we picked up (and/or wrote down) over the past week. They come from a variety of sources including magazines, newsletters, online and personal experience.

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