Halifax Crafters Winter Market 2014

Wow! What a fantastic weekend! Halifax Crafters Winter Market 2014 was a blast!

This was the 10th anniversary for the Halifax Crafters markets and the festivities kicked off Friday night with the first ever evening market. There was live music with Joshua Gladston and Anna Wedlock, known as The Sleepytime Shufflers, there were snacks and cake, the media was there, Steadybrook Saddlery was in the booth next to us giving away 10th Anniversary leather key fobs as mementos and there was even a photo booth! The place was a rockin’! It was a party and it set the tone for the whole weekend!

And what a weekend it was! CKDU FM kept the party vibe going as friends, both new and old, kept dropping by. It is always so great to get a chance to see everyone, to put faces to names, to chat, to share our wares. We love this market so much!

We were definitely in great company surrounded by Steadybrook Saddlery, Ebb and Flo Jewelry, Kara Highfield Ceramics and Kat Frick Miller Art plus these awesome vendors:

2D Art:
Anna Ramsay
Kat Frick Miller Art + Illustration
Fish Bone Prints
YoRodeo Poster Co.
Emma FitzGerald Art & Design
Raymond Biesinger Illustration
Bennie Allain

3D Art
Anna Bald
Lydia Klenck

Bread and Butter Pottery
Karolina-Anna Ceramics
Kara Highfield Ceramics
Shiso Shop
Morton Ceramics
Kaeli Cook Pottery
Therese Bombardier Designs
Arundel Studios
Anne Pryde
Kyla Francis

Medway Candle
Osha Mae
Better Beard Company

Halifax Cookie Cravings
Lemon Dogs
Gateaux Rose
Little Red Kitsch’n
Lucy Lu Caramels
Gold Island Bakery
Cocoa and Honey Chocolates
Honeyspoon Baking Co.

Sarah A. Sears Jewellery
Old Weston
Rita Statement Accessories
Aflame Creations Jewelry
caitlyn rose jewellery
Jane Darling Jewellery
Fervour’s Own Jewellery
Ment Jewellery
Angela Grace Jewelry
Ebb & Flo Jewelry

Steady Brook Saddlery
Old Birch Quality Leather Goods

Double Dare Print
Joanna Close Illustration and Textiles
White Raven Ink
Mule Mother Books
Anchor Archive Zine Library
Everlovin’ Press
coombes and dark

Textile Apparel
Orphanage Clothing
Owen Brush
bespoke uprising
Donn Sabean: Artist/Designer
Sewn by Blythe
Keeley McLean
The Quarrelsome Yeti
Marshall Arts Fine Handwoven Textiles
Poison Pear
Hanna Broer Design

Textile Art
Lichen and Lace
Woodland Wool
Taylor Made Halifax
Doak Textiles

Terron Dodd
Ravenview Art & Craft
Edgil Tanner Turnings

And new vendors, Fresh Catch:
Fox’s Folly Woodworks
Maggie J MacCormick
Pin Action
Watermills Farm
Jason Desnoyers Ceramics
Dano by Hand
Terrariums by minimalistos
lydi of the valley

Here are a few photos from this weekend:

[envira-gallery id=”7337″]

Here’s the show poster which was created by Anna Ramsey:

Halifax Crafters Winter 2014

Thanks to everyone that helped make our weekend at the Halifax Crafters Winter Market 2014 such a special time! Special thanks to all the organizers, the volunteers, the other vendors and all the visitors, especially the visitors, for making it happen. We are so happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of the best show in town! Now, it’s time to put our feet up.

put your feet up

Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night! Thanks so much!

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