Turned Spindle Gouge Tool Handle

Last night I turned a handle for a spindle gouge tool. The handle is made of maple and 12″ long and it was left unfinished for better gripping. I turned a large bead at the end and a smaller bead at the gouge end to accent the plain, sweeping curve of the tool.

Turned Spindle Gouge Tool Handle

The gouge itself is a 10mm (3/8″) spindle gouge made by Patience & Nicholson (P&N) of Australia. Their turning tools are made of hard-wearing, M2 high-speed steel and valued for their robust construction and ability to hold an edge.

I started with a piece of maple approximately 2″ square and 14″ long and mounted this between centers:

Turned Spindle Gouge Tool Handle

This was then turned into a cylinder:

Turned Spindle Gouge Tool Handle

And then turned to the desired shape. The tenon on the left was turned to the proper size of the brass ring creating a snug fit:

Turned Spindle Gouge Tool Handle

The handle was then drilled out to accommodate the gouge and both the gouge and brass ring were glued in place with CA glue.

This was a fairly straight forward project but I find that it is always that much better when you can receive first hand instruction. It not only takes out the guess work but saves on trial and error.

I turned this at a Lee Valley course and like the Cocobolo Wine Bottle Stopper Topper I turned last week it was taught by David Wilkins.

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