Travel Bug

What is a Travel Bug?

A Travel Bug is simply a Geocaching tracking tag which is usually attached to an item. The item becomes a hitchhiker that travels with the Travel Bug. The purpose of the tracking tag is so that it can be tracked as it moves towards its ‘goal’. When a Travel Bug is created it is usually […]


Parks Canada Friendly

Parks Canada has just made a press release announcing their new guidelines for Geocaching on their managed properties including national historic sites, national parks, and national marine conservation areas. Not only is Parks Canada welcoming Geocaching, but they hope that these guidelines will also encourage Geocaching in these areas. Although these guidelines may seem restrictive […]


EarthCache Day

We recently became aware of the upcoming International EarthCache Day on October 14th, 2007. This is the second annual day of its kind and looks to be a great day for all those interested in Earth Sciences and Geocachers alike. International EarthCache Day kicks off the tenth annual Earth Science Week which runs October 14th […]

Caching In BC

Caching In BC

We spent the past week with our son and his girlfriend in Rossland, British Columbia. It was his birthday and what could be a better gift than a GPSr? We picked up the eTrex Venture Cx here at home and hand delivered it, much to his surprise. While we were there we turned them both […]