Red Oak Celebration Bowl

Here’s a Red Oak Celebration Bowl that we were working on last week, all hand rubbed and shined up with our beeswax finish! It is 33cm (13″) by 9.5cm (3.75″) and features a branded motif circling it’s deep red stained rim, accenting the ruddy grain.

The Oak for this bowl was harvested from the Hants County area of Nova Scotia.

Here are a couple of “work in progress” photos, the first one showing the bowl just after our unique style of branding was applied to around both the inside and outside of the rim:

wooden bowl branding
The stain comes next… Funny how each piece talks to you… we were planning on adding more branded accents but once the first round of the individual ‘Greek key’ style brand was burnt in, the bowl said, “That’s enough!”. We agreed. 🙂
staining a wooden bowl
Here’s a closeup of the completed rim of the Red Oak Celebration Bowl bowl showing clearly how the brand and the stain complements the natural colour and grain of the beautiful wood:
rim of a wooden bowl
Here, of course, is the completed Red Oak bowl:
red oak celebration bowl

If you’re interested, please click here for many more examples of our one-of-a-kind Celebration Bowls 🙂

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